I’m Kayla
{ A Cancer Moon Child, INFJ-T, Enneagram Type 5 }


A small town Idaho entrepreneur with a love for pretty pictures, the science behind creating that picture, and all things country living with my 2 boys and my hunky farmer hubby.

My story isn’t that of the girl who always knew she was meant to be a photographer or business owner. Photography was something I dove into to learn something new. From there, I basically just got pretty darn handy with a camera and it’s been full throttle ever since. My love for learning is just as fierce as my love for being creative behind the camera. Pair that with a love for people and we’ve got a match made in heaven.

My goal is not to create images where every little piece is perfectly placed and composed. I guide you in a way that allows you to be comfortable and let your story unfold naturally. I capture the good and the flawed. Because without a mixture of both, it’s not real. I want your story. Raw. Authentic. Organic.

In addition to photographing people (since 2013), I’ve also been a Cosmetologist since 2008. In addition to actually capturing emotive images and making pretty hair- I love to share and teach all things I’ve learned along the way.

On a personal note…

I’m a full time photographer and a full time mom. My world revolves around my two boys who are six and one. My hubby is my rock and my best friend. My most important titles are mom & wife and how blessed I am. Unapologetically normal and just doing my best to balance it all as a mom, wife, and business owner. I believe in working, playing and resting hard. I relate and connect well to families, couples and business owners. I’d be humbled at the opportunity to work together.

My family and I live in Teton Valley, Idaho - enjoying the simple life in the corner of a grain field with chickens, a couple dogs, a cat, and a few horses. My heart lives in the mountains but I also have a special love for the desert.

Most days you'll find me with my hair pulled back, decked out in jeans and a t-shirt, chasing my life loving 6 year old with a baby boy in my arms. A farmers wife and overrun by boys, I wouldn't have it any other way. We love exploring together and you’ll find us outside most of the time.

Whether I’m behind the camera, the chair, or cultivating and collaborating with business owners, I wake up everyday excited to work.



My Approach To This Craft
are we perfect for each other?

I’m passionate about creating photos that will later move you, stir your senses, and evoke emotions. I’ll guide you so that you feel comfortable. Perfectly posed and forced images are a thing of the past. At least for me.

I want the whole story. I don’t aim for all of your images perfectly posed with a perfectly fanned dress or with every hair in it’s place. If that’s what you’re hoping for, that’s fine, but I’m probably not your girl. I’ll take the happy, the crazy, the fun, and the chaos with open arms!

I love “too much”. I think the best images are the ones where you didn’t hold back. You smushed the cheeks, you gave the hug with everything you had, you giggled when I asked you to smile, you gave your little one “the look” or a quick wink. Loosely structured is the best way to explain the flow of our session. Let’s just go play and see what we create.