Why I love black and white images


Though I don’t edit strictly in black and white, I’ve come to be obsessed with images in black and white. I love the rich tones of color and it often lends emotion and depth to a photo. Photographing and post production are fundamental components of creating beautiful images that speak emotion and tell a story. The capture is paramount to the process and, in my opinion ,the most important aspect of it all. 

To then enhance the feeling of an image is a work of art, and one that simply takes time to learn. The ways to enhance an image are innumerable. I appreciate authentic images that portray emotion.


There is a timelessness with black and white photos that color photos simply cannot replicate. A black and white conversion can make an image look like it could have been taken at anytime in history. They cause you to ask more questions and dissect the photo. The impact of a black and white image is irreplaceable. 


Connection & Emotion

Strip down the emotion. An image processed in color is meant to portray a story; your eye should follow through the photo. With less distracting impact of color and elements, black and white strips all that down to really showcase emotion and showcase how our subject feels and how they are connected.


Emphasize Light & Detail

The most beautiful light is often times best observed in a black and white image. You lose the “glow” but allow for light, shadows, and textures to become center stage. The contrast in details like freckles, hair, sand, dirt, water in beautiful light are emphasized in a black and white image.