Scouting Locations


I get it!

I understand that majority of the time, my clients typically don’t know where to go and are more dependent on the direction of my advice when it comes to selecting a location. And sometimes my clients lead me on amazing and unexpected adventures! Give me all the hidden gems!

Kayla Beard Grand Teton National Park

Textures, colors, shapes, and of course LIGHT!

I’m always on the lookout for great new scenes and hidden gems for portrait locations. Being an on location primarily outdoor photographer, I like to look for different textures, colors, shapes, and lines. Because I shoot at all times of the day, I’m conscious about how the light will effect my location at different times of the day and in different conditions.

Seeing past the common sight and understanding that they’re simply backdrops that help tell a greater story, helps to piece together a great location. I’m never bound by specific locations and lighting will always trump a pretty background.

I scout with a goal in mind of authentically capturing people’s stories; keeping in mind that my subject’s are people and the location is only an element being layered into that specific story. This mindset helps to keep scouting locations too overwhelming. ;)

Some of my favorite locations within Teton Valley are on Ski Hill Road where you can view the Tetons. I love Felt too! Photographing in the canyons and along creek beds never disappoints. Born and raised in the mountains, I don’t wander far from my roots! In Jackson, I love to photograph just about anywhere in Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone National Park is beautiful as well. I’m just plain spoiled by where I live. ;)